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With our grateful thanks to all those who have funded this refurbishment:

First fund-raising for the construction of the 'Victory Thanksgiving Hall'. A plot of land in Diddlebury Village donated by Mr Victor Wrigley of Delbury Hall. "It was a time of hope and recovery after the war." Ernest Lewis.

Work started on the new hall by volunteers and a local labour force. Ash from Ironbridge Power Station was brought in for a base, second-hand bricks from wartime storage huts were used on the main building, and it is rumoured that the floor of the main hall came from the ballroom of a ship.

Shell of the building completed.

Official opening of the Hall.

Questionnaires sent out to canvas local opinion on refurbishments.

Public presentation of questionnaire responses.

Stage One proposal for funding accepted by the Big Lottery Fund with invitation to proceed to the next stage.

Planning permission granted for alterations and extensions to the Village Hall.

Funds of more than £600,000 for refurbishment granted by the Big Lottery Fund.

Contractor (I J Preece of Hereford) appointed, and permission granted by the Big Lottery Fund.

Construction work begun.

Official re-opening of the hall.

The Big Lottery

Bernard Sunley Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation

Shropshire Housing


Healthy Shropshire (Shropshire Council) for Be Active in the Dale

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